Welcome to the newly created website for the Tuppen One-Name Study, in which I am researching everyone with the surname Tuppen, world-wide, as far back as records allow.

This site is intended to provide a place where

  • my research on the Tuppen surname can be made accessible to other interested parties
  • people with information about their Tuppen relatives can colloborate with others
  • I can be easily contacted by people who wish to find out more, or contribute information, about Tuppen individuals and families

At this stage the site is very much a “work in progress”.  I have a lot of data that is not yet on this website, backed by appropriate sources and citations.  I am willing to share relevant information with you.

In these early days of web development, please be patient; I am learning as I go (or should that be making it up as I go?).  Please stay with me as I learn, progress and add content.

I am hoping that readers will

  • contact me
  • ask me, or tell me, where they fit in to this puzzle
  • tell other people about my study, and encourage them to visit my site and contact me

I am very interested in your ideas, comments, queries and information.  Please use the Contact form or email me directly on paul@tuppenons.com